Founded in 2018, Tainurs is engaged in consumer electronic audio and video solutions, such as E-sports headset, Bluetooth headset / speaker products, Nb IOT and Internet of vehicles solutions, automotive electronics and video processing solutions, security monitoring video solutions, industrial high-power IGBT, driving products and power devices. The products are widely used in communication equipment, automotive electronics, security products, industrial control, computers and peripheral equipment, mobile terminals and peripheral equipment, network products, robots and other related fields. The company has cooperated closely with Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, science and technology and other domestic well-known universities for many years to timely transform the scientific research achievements of the University, Realize the combination of schools and enterprises, further deepen the industry technology, ensure the rapid iterative upgrading of cutting-edge technology products in the industry, and create customized solutions for customers, especially core technologies such as robot, face recognition, image processing and video analysis. After long-term research and development for many years, the technical indicators and performance have been continuously improved. With international technical cooperation channels, the company has continuously launched high-quality product series with core technology and independent intellectual property rights. With excellent product quality, advanced management mode and accurate market positioning, it has won the affirmation of the society and the market.

As Tainurs people, we are well aware of the difficulty of "ten years of trees and a hundred years of people", but we are still willing to "ride the same boat and create brilliance" with you; We also know that "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" is important, but we still adhere to the principle of "gold quality project, establishing an industry model", so as to write an immortal chapter of "creating greater value to repay the society".


We uphold the core values of "creating value for partners", and take "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service" as the spirit of enterprise, through independent innovation and sincere cooperation to create value for e-commerce and information service industry.

About "Creating Value for Partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and other units and individuals who have cooperative relations with us are our partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners can we reflect our own value and achieve development and success.

About "Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service"

We believe that integrity is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is the weapon of development, service is the fundamental to create value.